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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Planning Ahead

I like my new title, but as far as I know, I can't give this thing a corresponding new url... I also think a fresh start is in order. So, I'm thinking new year, new me, new blog. I may switch to Wordpress; if I do, I'll let you know :)

See, the thing is, we're moving. At some point in the next six months, probably sooner. We are letting go of this house that has become an albatross. It's a long story, and perhaps merits telling, but for now suffice to say we're leaving "Hill Haven" so it makes sense to me energetically to end this blog and begin a new one. The timing being what it is, it has me thinking also about resolutions. Many years I'm not much for resolutions at this artificial marking of time, but some years it feels right and this is one of them. I'm mulling over the myriad things I aspire to, distilling ideas down into concrete processes with well-defined steps and goals and deadlines. Lots of writings and evidence exist to support the notion that the more clearly you define goals, the more likely you are to achieve them or at least make progress in the desired direction. So, I mull, and distill. For the purpose of helping my tired mommy brain, here are some of the objectives I'm kicking around:

Health. There are so many ways I need to improve in how I take care of myself, and the health of those around me has me really focused on this lately. Exercise and yoga, instituting a "real foods" policy, supplements to restore balance and heal deficiencies, drinking enough water and getting enough sleep, taking good care of everyone's teeth... the list is long, but each piece is important to the whole.

Writing. I need to write very frequently; I desire a writing career of sorts. I really, truly want a successful blog, as well as experience with successful freelance work. I think I may also have books to write, but those will reveal themselves as they go and I currently don't feel the need to make commitments around that aspect.

Finances. By default, this will be a year in which we as a family make major shifts in the balance of our finances (thus the release of the house). My goal is that the result will be a regularly balanced budget and a year in the black!

Meditation. I know I need this, and my children need me to get it. I am an anxious person. As if that weren't enough motivation to train my mind, there are a gazillion other benefits to health and longevity, and absolutely to parenting peacefully and mindfully. I have thought about this for years without managing the discipline of a regular sitting practice. I need that discipline developed, too, for all my other goals in life, now and in the future. I really can't afford to continue to squander time without this practice in place.

Shamanism. This is how I move through the world, and whence my greatest gifts emanate. I offer intuitive counseling and have the ability to move people through stuck places and enable empowerment through transformation and compassionate understanding. It's what I do without thinking. I'm also medically intuitive. It is an insult to the gods that I do not offer this professionally. I need, want, and deserve to earn a living, and I am obligated to Those Who Empower Me to use my gifts in service to the world. I have no idea how to convey what I do to the right people so as to begin taking on clients and doing this work. I just know there's no sense in continuing to wait. It's time. Helpful suggestions are welcome!

Ahh, I feel better now. What are you kicking around?


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