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I'm a living-working-breathing mom, writing, mothering, teaching, and soul-searching from our home in northwest Georgia. We are whole-life unschoolers, which basically means our kids actually have a say in what happens to them (it actually means infinitely more than that, but's it's a starting point for discussion). We are also hardcore environmentalists, anti-industrialists, trying to escape from our dependence on petroleum, manufactured products and other non-sustainable practices. We homebirth, homeschool, and homestead, and try to make sense of it all, in a constant whirlwind of chaos.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Just a Footnote

Well, I promised myself to push through this hinderedness and post daily until I no longer feel it's necessary. Apparently it's still necessary :) I loaded the recycling this morning, got all the kids buckled in, then discovered my car wouldn't start. I'm hoping it's only the battery (it certainly should be, it's got 120K miles on it) and not anything else, but it didn't behave exactly like a dead battery should...

Niftily enough, a friend called and wanted to come up to visit. Her son is a great buddy of G's too, so we got to have a playday anyway, housebound and all. Now G is complaining about his nose being stuffy, though, and Iris is utterly whiny and wretched and needs to be in bed. And, my battery is about out. So, to bed!



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